Frequently asked questions

1. What or who is CYLEX?

S.C. CYLEX Tehnologia Informației S.N.C. is registered in Romania and manages online business directories under the brand name of CYLEX.

Company registrations in our business directories are free of charge and the presentation pages can usually be found in Search Engines in the first ten results.

CYLEX also created business directories in other countries. Our business directories offer the possibility for users to evaluate the companies, to give their opinion about their products and services. For example, the business directories from: United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Hungary, France, Italy, or the USA.

These are online business directories in the form of community portals. Users can evaluate the products and services of the companies registered in the business directories. Registered companies have the possibility to upload free video clips, pictures, articles, news, products and partnership requests.

2. How can I add my company for free?

To add a company, you can use the Register Company link from the home page

3. How can I update my business information in the CYLEX Business Directory?

There are two ways to change your company information in our business directory. If you do not have a password yet, please choose one by clicking on the Edit this entry link from your company presentation page. If your password is not enabled, the changes you have made will be verified with care by our employees.

If you are in possession of your company CYLEX ID and password already, please use the Sign In option from any page of or the Edit this entry link from your company presentation page. After signing in, you can update and customize your company data, directly online, without waiting for the CYLEX employees' approval. You may also, at any time, send us by e-mail the changes you want to make at

4. Why is there a difference in search results between companies with a detailed presentation page and companies without any information on their presentation page?

In CYLEX all companies have the opportunity to present themselves in detail, in English and in another language and specify information about their products and services, timetables, and to add a logo. The more detailed the presentation (company description and list of services and products) is, the better search results will be in CYLEX business directory and other search engines, like Google.

5. Do you have a digital route planner that I can use for free?

Yes, we do. With the help of our digital map you may ask for the route display from one address to another one. You can also insert this route planner into your company's website.

6. How do I correct the geographical location of my company on the map?

On your presentation page, using Edit this entry or Sign In, you can Correct the location on the map. Drag the red marker into the right place and save.

7. Why is the location arrow in the wrong place?

The direct link between the map and the address is created by an automated software. That's why it is possible that through the similarity of the names of some streets or by the absence of a road on a map, another road with similar name to be shown instead of the street you wanted. We apologize for the discomfort created.

8. How is my company registered in CYLEX if I have never added it in this business directory?

CYLEX constantly monitors the public listing of companies on the Internet, which are recorded in our search system according to certain criteria and afterwards displayed like search results. In terms of functions, our directory is not so different than other search engines, like Google, that collects data and displays them in their pages of links. In CYLEX there are also companies added by their representatives with Sign up company

10. Why aren't my updates online?

When using the Edit this entry link from the page with the description of your company, you have the possibility to ask for your company presentation page to be modified by filling the form. The updated data will be checked by one of our employees before publishing online. If your changes are not online, the approval process hasn't been completed yet.

12. In case my company ceased trading how can I delete it from the CYLEX Business Directory?

If your company is no longer active or one of its subsidiaries no longer exists, please contact us by e-mail at and your company presentation page will be removed from our database. The deletion process can only be done by the CYLEX staff.

13. How can my company be found more easily on the Internet?

Fill in the company presentation and, besides the description, insert as many relevant keywords as you can, which correspond to your company's business field. The more keywords you insert into your company presentation page, the more search hits you'll get in our database and in search engines like Google or Yahoo. Later on, if you want to add more keywords, click on the Sign In link to enter your account, or fill in the form for the first data update by clicking the Edit this entry link from your company presentation page.

14. Why are the keywords necessary?

The keywords can represent products, services and brands that the Internet users are looking for. A larger keywords list means more appearances of the company in the search results. E.g. if your company is a hotel the keywords could be: hotel, room, accommodation, bathroom, restaurant, tourism, pool, single room, double room etc., depending on the services offered.

15. How can I get a password for my company?

In order to update your company information with the Sign In link and to have your modification made directly online, you will need the company CYLEX ID and a password. In case you do not have a password or have forgotten it, you may ask for one by sending an email to

16. Can I add more branches/subsidiaries or stores of the same company to CYLEX?

If your company is represented in more places, you may insert separately in our database every branch, store, station or workshop, by proceeding in the same way as in the case of a normal Sign up company.

17. How can my company gain priority to be displayed always among the first search results?

The order of companies on search result pages are determined by keyword relevancy. However, the first companies matching the search criteria are always the ones displaying special offers, as well as businesses with high ratings based on user reviews.

18. What other free services does CYLEX offer me?

On your presentation page, with the help of Edit this entry link or Sign In link you can publish offers, articles, news, create a products and services catalogue, upload video presentations, etc., all these services being optimized for Google search.

19. How can I get an account in the CYLEX Community?

You just have to do a Quick sign up as a CYLEX Community member and follow the instructions.

20. What are the advantages of being a CYLEX Community member?

As a member of the CYLEX Community, you have the right to write reviews and comments that will be published online, automatically, without the CYLEX employees' involvement, which means reading and deciding whether your message will be published or not. In addition, you can make new friends, participate in review contests, send and receive emails, customize your presentation with photos and other information considered useful.

21. How can I modify my profile in CYLEX Community?

You just have to Sign in and choose the Edit my profile option.

22. What does the "invited friends" category mean?

Invited friends are considered to be all friends that you invited from your CYLEX account and who clicked "Accept Invitation" directly from the e-mail without registering by themselves. While logged in to your CYLEX Account, use "Search friends" from your e-mail contacts to invite as many friends as possible.

23. Why is CYLEX free of charge?

When we say that our services are free, we mean they are totally free. Creating your company presentation page, uploading images of your products, benefiting from the offers and everything else is free. The site is entirely funded by discreet adverts placed around the site. We don't have anything to sell and we don't want you to buy anything. Our services do not have any obligations or conditions.

24. What are special offers?

Special offers are discounts, promotions or other financial advantages, that are expressed in percent or price, and can be offered by businesses listed in to CYLEX Business directory users.

25. What kind of advantages do special offers to the companies that publish them?

Companies that publish special offers in CYLEX Business Directory will have priority in Internet search results throughout the validity of the special offer. In this way businesses will have more clients and their income will increase, without paying a penny for their CYLEX discount campaign. All you have to do is Sign In and choose Special Offers from the menu.

26. How can you use the CYLEX Special Offer Coupons?

Print the coupon and show it before expiration time before paying or just mention the coupon code visible in the special offer. Advise your friends to do likewise. We are very interested in your experience as a consumer. Share it with us on

27. Where can I find more information about the Special Offers in CYLEX Business Directory?

All you have to do is to access the Special Offers link and you will find all the information you need about the special offers.

28. We always look to evolve. Our goal is to continuously improve.

CYLEX has more than a decade experience on the market. The reason of its longevity is represented by the continuous preoccupation to fulfil the needs of the clients.

29. How does rich search results work?

When you install Cylex’s widget on your website, we also add some markups to your page along with the widget, according to Google’s requirements, to represent your total rating. Google will index it the next time it crawls your website and should display your pages containing the widget along with your star rating on search results.