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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a very exciting & interesting therapy... It can give you an opportunity to learn and understand more about yourself. •It gives you an exciting chance to be able to move from one time-line to another. •It also gives you the opportunity to look at your Soul's development and some of it's learning experiences on this earth plane until now. Past Life Regression can give us an insight into our likes & dislikes. Perhaps it may also help you to understand more about any phobias or fears that you may have. Past Life Regression gives us a safe and secure environment from which we are able to view some of the situations and people who have helped shape us into the people we have become today. It may be a way for you to look at the situations in you life which keep repeating, and over which you think that you have no control. Often when we keep having the same "type of experience" it is the Universe's way of getting us to wake up. It is possible that this type of experience is happening for a reason: There may be a lesson in the experience that we are supposed to learn. It may be that we are given the chance to change the way we respond to a particular type of experience. We may perhaps be playing out, our own personal karma. Often the opportunity of participating in a Past Life Regression “awakens you ” to fully realise just what you have been doing to yourself, and how we may possibly have been sabotaging our own lives. Thus, Past Life Regression gives you the insight and opportunity to begin to change you situation & personal lifestyle to give o the opportunity to have a more positive, rewarding, & fulfilling outcome.

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