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Be Bright at Night "Be-Seen"at Night when in duress and stuck without help on boat,yacht,car,motor-bike.

ELF: Be Bright at night when boating. Be Seen at night when yachting. ELF Be Safe ... $50 Life Saver. This rechargeable LED Baton Road Flare from S-A-S is a multi-purpose alternative to traditional traffic flares and other types of emergency light batons. Giving you a sturdy, compact and rechargeable flare suitable for any emergency highway pack or survival kit. These handheld batons are bright to replace classic incendiary flares and feature a whole slew of extra features, too. The LEDs are visible for up to half a mile, making them useful for a host of warning scenarios. Fifteen bright red LEDs replace the dangerous chemicals of incendiary flares, reducing the risk of fires or burns. Encased in unbelievably tough polycarbonate, these light batons are waterproof (up to 20 meters), crush-proof (run it over with a truck and it will keep on glowing), and corrosion-proof. Things don’t get much tougher than that! There are 5 different modes of operation: *Rotate: 5 hrs of run time • Quad Flash - 10 hours of run time • Alternating Blinks - 3 hrs of run time • SOS Rescue Morse Code 10 hrs run time • Steady On - 4 hours of run time The flares come with a 220V wall charger, a 12V car charger and even a USB charger, so you will never be without the ability to charge the flare should you get into dire straits. When fully discharged, the flare takes 4 - 6 hours to recharge. These electronic flares feature a high strength magnet allowing easy affixing onto any ferrous metal surface. As incendiary flares give off gasses, smoke and other inconvenient emissions (not to mention large amounts of heat) they are actually banned in some places; these LED batons meet stringent standards for omissions, making them completely legal here in Australia. The LED Road Flare Batons have been approved for use in a whole range of professions: aviation, trucking (the flares meet DOT requirements for commercial vehicles), marine and maritime work and public safety for example; they are also great for personal side safety (to signal for help, mark detours or direct traffic). While their tough nature means they can take a hell of a beating and will last you for years. We also sell these batons in combo kit of three.
Be-Bright at Night: "Be-Seen" at Night when stuck without help on boat/car/bike/yacht. "Be Bright at Night when boating, as it is the law. Be Seen at night when on your boat or yacht, especially when in distress.

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