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Industrial Style Office Furniture Design Ideas

one month ago

There’s no doubt you’ve been to restaurant or bar that has applied the industrial style to its layout, and like me, you’ve probably thought it looked very on trend.

Industrial style or as some may call it, industrial chic, highlights agedness, rawness, with a combination of rough textures that take clues from industrial spaces. Design trends come and go but the industrial style is one that has remained and still widely popular.

The industrial style can be applied to any space whether it’s an office, bar, or home. If it’s done well, it works an absolute treat and can bring an edgy personality to a dull room.

If you’re contemplating a theme for your workspace that is functional, cost-effective, durable, simple yet artsy, sustainable and adds character, then industrial style could be right for you.

Texture and colours

Most often the colour palette designers would go for is neutral, filled with greys and rustic colours. A palette would usually consist of greens, oranges, browns, turquoise, greys, copper, and beige.


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