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Boat, Yacht, Car Engine problems at night Be bright at night. Use ELF & Be-Seen, Be-Bright, Be-Safe at night.


Boat, Yacht, motorbike or Car-Engine problems at night: Be bright at night? Ever been there & it was raining as well?
Use ELF-3 so that you can Be-Seen, this Be-Bright, therefore Be-Safe

Replace standard safety wands and incendiary flares with our LED Baton Road Flare Kit that is equipped with emergency safety flares that reduce the risk of fire, ground water contamination, and adding batteries to landfills. Each emergency safety flare can be hand held or placed on the ground to identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, or direct traffic. Flares are approved for use in personal vehicles and for aviation, trucking, marine and public safety fields. Kit includes three orange single flares and two flexible tripods, all inside a durable storage case that doubles as a charging unit, with chargers included.
• Use LED flares to replace standard safety wands and incendiary flares
• Kit includes three single flares & two flexible tripods inside a durable storage case that doubles as a charging unit
• Amber LEDs visible up to 1/2 mile
• Five possible flash patterns, including S.O.S. in Morse-Code
• 100% Waterproof & immerse underwater up to 15x meters
• Crush and corrosion proof
• Integrated extra-strong magnets attach to metal surfaces
• Rechargeable battery (AC/DC) 220 Volt wall charger, 12V car charger, USB charger included.

Features: E-L-F 3 LED Baton Road Flare is a rechargeable multipurpose signalling device used as an
emergency road flare or a handheld safety wand. Made of durable polycarbonate plastic, this 15-LED flare is a safe alternative to incendiary flares. It is crushproof with impact resistant rubber housing and waterproof to a depth of 15 meters. Includes a strong magnet to attach to any ferrous metals. Features 5x flash patterns, including S-o-S Rescue Morse-Code & is visible up to one kilometre.

Practical Uses: Lay Flares on the ground as a road flare, hold in your hand as a safety wand,
use underwater, or attached it to any ferrous metal surface, including cars, trucks, and signs,
using the heavy duty magnet. May be used in adverse weather conditions.

Ideal for road safety identification by emergency responders and personal vehicle operators.
May also be used on construction sites, for aviation marshalling and taxiing, event management,
in marine applications for boater emergency safety or scuba, and much more.

Tri-Pack kits are perfect for emergency responders & event managers, where multiple devices are needed. The included Flex-Fit Tripods elevate flares off the ground in a vertical position for greater visibility. Additional tripods may be purchased separately.

Do Read operating instructions thoroughly prior to use.
Do not use in flammable or explosive environments without first receiving approvals from a designated safety agency. Never us if damaged or electrical components are exposed.

Benefits: Rechargeable LED Baton Flares replace toxic incendiary flares that are banned in many states and meet stringent emission guidelines. In addition there is no smoke, flame or ash created as
when those types of flares are used. They are impact resistant, and can even withstand being run over by a truck. The versatile design gives greater flexibility of use including five (5x) flash patterns to work in different situations; and many applications including roadside, handheld, underwater, or attached to ferrous metal surfaces. The rechargeable design means there are no batteries to replace.
Keep charged and ready to go by plugging into the vehicle power receptacle, wall outlet, or computer
(Excludes kits.)

S-A-S Quality Commitment:

At S-A-S, our primary focus is quality.
S-A-S guarantees that every product we sell will stand up to the supreme test –
Our customers' satisfaction.

Our One-Year Guarantee lets you put any S-A-S product to the test.
If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return it within 7 days and we'll replace it or refund the cost of the item (excluding Shipping and Processing fees).

In addition, we will repair or replace any product for a full year from the date of purchase.
Please note: Any items that are monogrammed, customized or made-to-order cannot be returned or exchanged unless damaged or defective.

Safety alongside our broken down car on a dark road in Northern Territory


My car broke down as we were driving through the red center of the Australia Northern Territory on route back from Alice Springs. As we sat worried on the shoulder of the long road waiting for help, we wondered if many of these huge delivery trucks on the desolate road could actually see us in the diming dusk light. We also then started to wonder if the tow truck we had had called, would be able to see us on the side of this dusty road. We did eventually receive our help from the tow truck and we also survived the ride back after the tow truck eventually found us. That was not a great place to be stuck in the Northern Territory of Australia. After we sorted things out and we got home safely, we looked into getting proper safety signal lights for our car and motorbike for any possible future breakdown.
We had a few important essential requirements when it came to the safety lights. These safety lights had to be dependable, easy to mount on our car door or boot, and had to be tough. In design as they had to be used in all road and weather conditions like rain & hail and strong wind. We started by looking at LED safety flares, as these were non incendiary and were smokeless
Turned out that Secure-Aware had an LED safety device used by cars and motorbikes, called the E-L-F 2 Emergency LED Flare: Type-2. I thought it looked good for two reasons: they’re bright orange LED lights with a magnetic backing, which means you can stick them on the roof or boot of your car. We however wanted to test these ELF’s to see how they performed when travelling at moderate speed.
A deeper look didn’t disappoint. The Emergency Beacons have nine lighting modes, flashing S-O-S and steady lighting, so they’re ideal for roadside safety signalling. These ELF’s also 100% sealed, so they will not stop working in bad weather. They will continue working even if a truck or bus runs them over, so you don’t have to worry about cracking or breaking them. The ELF’s rechargeable battery efficiency makes them very dependable.  ELF’s last around 24 hours on special flashing mode using one of nine different flashing modes.
At $50.00 for a roadside safety beacon, this ELF-2 will not break the bank.
Buy these emergency LED beacons from Secure-Aware-Sydney: S-A-S.

Car Safety, Emergency LED, Flare Alert, Flare LED, Light For Cars, Roadside Safety, Safety Beacon, Survival Beacon.

The E-L-F safety light can be fitted to almost all Life Jackets and Life Vests to provide additional safety to the wearer.


The E-L-F safety light can be fitted to almost all Life Jackets and Life Vests to provide additional safety to the wearer. The E-L-F safety light easily attaches to the collar or chest compartment of the inflation chamber device. Once in contact with water the E-L-F safety light will flash to identify your position to all vessels in the immediate area. It is activated manually when the person is overboard & is in the water, by pressing the button on the body of the unit.

The ELF life jacket lights are maintenance free, however, the storage life of the light is ten years from the date of manufacture. ELF safety beacon lights contain a high performance Lithium battery which is completely sealed inside it.

The manually activated ELF-beacon (emergency flashing light) is an essential safety extra for your Life Jacket or Life Vest. It is only $50 when purchased from the S-A-S website:

LED Traffic Flare Colour Amber (E-L-F) Available in Australia at http


The E-L-F Safety LED Traffic Flare is a great alternative to ordinary toxic traffic flares. The super bright LED lights have 9x changeable patterns. These units are water tight and strong enough to be run over by a truck. The unit contains a magnetic base so it can also be used on the sides and top of vehicles. The battery will last for over 30 hours of operation. You can also choose from our Non-Rechargeable units that have a standard camera style replaceable CR-123 lithium battery or our rechargeable unit (AC/DC 220 Volt), which allows you to recharge your LED Flares from your vehicle or you can recharge it from your PC workstation or office using the USB-II cable supplied. The outer shell is made from a durable polymer for long lasting use. The unit contains a magnetic base so it can also be used on the sides and top of vehicles.
This review is for: LED Road Safety Flare (Type:1 and Type:2)
I have been watching the LED flare market for some time. Most of the products to date have either been essentially military or police professional grade, but very overpriced. I recently purchased two Type:1 & Type:2 LED Road Safety Flares.
E-L-F:1 & E-L-F:2 (Type:2 220Volt DC Rechargeable unit) and have been happily impressed. The units are rugged and the LED light output is quite impressive. That said, while they will work well at night or under low light conditions, don't expect them to be as visible as multi LED vehicle brake/turn signals are in full sunlight. Nonetheless, these are impressive little units. I appreciate the selectable flash patterns, though I would have skipped the 'all on - dim' and one of the two 'constant on' 2x LED or 4x LED patterns. The single flash pattern is also too much like a true strobe light - the "LED ON-Time" is far too brief that "depth perception to the light is very difficult" in my opinion - the same issue which plagues actual strobe lamps I believe. I would have made this LED flashing pattern more like 2x second ON, 1x second OFF. However, these are relatively minor issues compared to the overall value of the product.
S-A-S (Secure-AWARE-Sydney) now also sell their new E-L-F:1 (Type:1 NON-Rechargeable units) What I uncovered was that their E-L-F:1 (Type:1 NON-Rechargeable unit) is an identical model, but with a replaceable CR 123 battery and no recharging accessories for about half the price (as well as numerous colour options including a new E-L-F:3 Type:3 IR Model: Infra-Red for covert Military or covert Police use. When I used my mobile phone camera, it showed the IR LEDs flashing perfectly, but is not visible to the naked eye). For the occasional user, the Type:1 E-L-F:1 NON-rechargeable unit could be a better option. The magnet is very strong and holds the unit to any steel or ferrous metal surface without any trouble at all, even when travelling at high speed. We tested this E-L-F:1 LED-Flare (Type:1) with my car and it works.
I have also evaluated the E-L-F:2 charging accessories: the ability to charge from 220 Volt DC, (220~240V DC) or using your stronger USB-II port on your laptop is a really great feature, though the '+ and -' markings on the unit and magnetic charging adapter could be more clearly marked - the adapter can be easily reversed. I also disassembled the unit (must be the engineer in me) which was so easy using a large screw driver and should make replacing the small dumpy battery style CR 123 battery in the Type:1 NON-Rechargeable unit a painless affair. Hey folks, just watch reassembly to insure the cover aligns correctly with the switch. Be careful that the springs on the mounting screws don't get lost, and that the waterproof gasket seats correctly.
Overall, these two units are well made and feature rich & a good value for your money.

Replace you car breakdown triangle with a FLASHING EMERGENCY FLARE based here in Sydney, Australia.


LED Flare Applications:

Replace you car breakdown triangle with a FLASHING EMERGENCY FLARE: based here in Sydney, Australia.
Law Enforcement
• Accident scenes
• Lane closures
• RBT licence & alcohol checkpoints all over Australia.
• Crowd Control
Fire & EMS
• Helicopter landing zones
• Lane closures
• Accident scenes at night where the older breakdown triangles do not work due to blind rise or around a dangerous corner;
• Helicopter Search & rescue when lost at sea due to weather turning foul.
• Hot zones
• Triage
• Helicopter landings
• Training
• Forklift & crane locator
• Vehicle loading
• Work zone safety
• Maintenance crews


LED handheld baton road flare


LED Baton Road Flare: Rechargeable LED Batons:
Crush proof, rechargeable 15 LED baton with 5 flashing patterns and visibility from up to 1 kilometre. Corrosion proof, waterproof (submersible to 20 meters) and has a very strong built in magnetic mount.

Can be purchased individually (ELF-3) or in a 3 pack kit (chargers and magnetic mount included).

Product Details
LED Safety Batons are a safe, eco-friendly, highly visible, rugged, waterproof and cost effective alternative to conventional incendiary road safety flares. The rechargeable 15-LED baton is made of crushproof polycarbonate plastic with an impact resistant rubber housing. It features 5 different flash patterns that are visible up to 1x kilometer. The housing is waterproof to a depth of 20 meters and will float. It can be held in your hand, placed on the ground or attached to any magnetic metal surface with the built in magnet.
Use LED Baton Road Flares/Safety Wands to identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours or direct traffic. LED Batons are approved for use in personal vehicles and in the aviation, trucking, marine and public safety industries. By using rechargeable LED batons, you will reduce the risk of fires, ground water contamination and batteries in our landfills.
What is an LED Safety Baton?
It is a flameless, non-toxic, battery-powered multipurpose signaling device in a plastic crushproof enclosure that can be used as an emergency road flare or a handheld safety wand. It is illuminated by multiple ultra-bright LED lights instead of an incendiary smokey flame.
Non-Toxic LED Batons Are Eco-Friendly
Traditional incendiary flares are neither safe nor eco-friendly. Not only do they produce a hazardous, visible smoke, they also contain a highly toxic chemical contaminant called perchlorate. A study conducted by a Department of Health found that, “240,000 litres of water could be contaminated by discarding a single flare in the water source”. LED batons will not contaminate ground water and do not produce smoke or ash.

Key Features: LED Batons Are Better Than Traditional Incendiary Flares
• Highly Visible - 15 super bright LEDs that can be seen from 1 kilometre.
• Cost Effective - You'll save money when you use LED Flares instead of incendiary flares
• Extremely durable - high impact plastic that is crush proof and corrosion proof
• Reusable - Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries
• Eco-Friendly - will not contaminate ground water and does not produce smoke or ash.
• Safe - will not ignite fuel or cause a fire if tipped over
• Flameless - will not cause burns when handled or scorch pavement
• Waterproof for use in inclement weather
• Submersible to 20 meters so it may be used for marine applications. Will float unless secured.
• 5 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse code)
• Powerful built in magnet - attach to any magnetic metal surface. Place on a vehicle, fence, or ferrous metal surface.
• Can be used in any vehicle
• Batons will keep a full charge for 90 days.

LED Safety Batons Have Many Uses. Lay one on the ground as a road flare, hold it in your hand as a safety wand, use underwater or attach it to any magnetic metal surface. Use them in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, construction zones and emergency response vehicles.
• Identifying road hazards or closures
• Use as a hand-held signaling device to direct traffic (vehicle, crowds, aviation, marine)
• Vehicle breakdowns
• Traffic control on fire and emergency scenes
• Cordoning off police scenes and DUI checkpoints
• Evacuation routes
• Fuel spill warning
• Signal for help
• Power failures or blackouts
• Marine applications - boater emergency safety or scuba
• Use at construction sites
• Event management
• Aviation marshalling and taxiing and helicopter landing zones
Waterproof Yes
Crush Proof Yes. Can withstand the impact of roadside
traffic. Can even be run over by a truck and still operate.
Battery Built in Rechargeable Lithium Ion 580 mAH ~ 3.6V
Battery Shelf Life 5 years. Will keep a full charge for 90 days.
Charging Specifications - Individual Units
120V AC/DC Charger: (UL Listed) Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz 0.15A
Output: 5.0 V DC 1200 mAh
Charging Specifications - Individual Units
12V DC Charger: (CE) Input: 12-24V DC; Output: 5.0V 850 mAh
Charging Specifications - 3 Pack Kits
120V AC/DC Charger: (UL Listed) Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Output: 5V, 1200mA
Charging Specifications - 6 Pack Kits
12V DC Charger: (CE) Input: 12-24V DC; Output: 5V, 850mA
Charging Times: 1 baton = 4-6 hours; 3 baton kit = 8-10 hours
Number of LED Bulbs 15
Visibility Up to 1/2 mile
Number of Flash Patterns 5
Magnetic Mount Yes - Built In N35 magnet
Usable With Traffic Cone Yes
Submersible For Diving Yes to 50 Feet
Buoyant Yes
Temperature Range -32ºF TO 240ºF (-36ºC - 116ºC)
LED Baton Weight 8 oz
LED Baton Dimensions 10.75” L x 1.75” W x 1.375” H
3 Pack Recharging Case Weight 4.5 lbs
63Pack Recharging Case Dimensions 13.23” L x 13.62” W x 2.52” H
Limited Warranty 1 Year
DOT & Traffic Safety Compliance: 1. U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR § 392.25 & 393.95 (g)
(prohibits the carrying of any flame-producing flare
on any Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) transporting
explosives; any cargo of flammable liquid or flammable
compressed gas, whether loaded or empty; or any CMV
using compressed gas as a motor fuel).
2. MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
3. NFPA 1901 Standards for Traffic
Flashing Patterns
Battery life is dependent upon which flashing pattern is used. The stand-by charging feature allows batons to be
kept plugged in when not in use without damage to the battery or unit. Batons will keep a full charge for 90 days. When fully charged you may expect these run times.
Flash Pattern Run Time
#1 - Rotate 5 hours
#2 - Quad Flash 10 hours
#3 - Alternating Blink 3 hours
#4 - SOS Rescue (Morse Code) 10 hours
#5 - Steady on - high 4 hours
What's Included: Single Pack Includes:
• 1 LED Baton
• 120 Volt Wall Charger
• 12 Volt Car Charger
• USB Charger
• Storage Bag
3 Pack Kit Includes:
• 3 LED Batons
• Hard Plastic Case for Recharging and Storage
• 2 Flex Fit Tripods to hold baton in a vertical position, even on uneven ground *
• 120 Volt Wall Charger
• 12 Volt Car Charger
Color Options: Orange Shell/Red LED (Many jurisdictions require the light for road flares to be red)
* The 3 Pack kit includes two Flex Fit Tripods which hold the baton in a vertical position, even on uneven ground. Can also be used as a post and inserted into the top of safety cones for additional safety lighting.
LED Baton Road Flare (Type-3) are emergency safety flares that replace standard safety wands and incendiary flares. Use of these safety flares reduces the risk of fires, ground water contamination, and batteries in our landfills.
The kit includes 3-single flares and 2-Flex Fit Tripods, inside a durable storage case that doubles as a charging unit with all chargers included. [View additional images]
• 15 LEDs visible up to 3 kilometres
• Waterproof to 20 meters
• Robust & Crush proof
• Corrosion proof, Floats and is completely waterproof
• High strength magnets attach to metal surfaces
• Rechargeable battery included, does not need to be replaced
• 5 Flash patterns including S.O.S. internationally accepted Morse Code.
Includes 220 Volt wall charger, 12V car charger, USB charger Uses: Emergency safety flare that can be held in your hand or placed on the ground to identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, or direct traffic. Approved for use in personal vehicles and in the aviation, trucking, marine, and public safety markets.
ITEM: ELF LED-Flare Type-3: Weight: 400 grams each
• 5x LEDs visible up to three kilometres
• Waterproof to 20 meters underwater
• Robust and Crush proof
• Corrosion proof (floats in sea water & only needs a quick rinse in fresh water);
• High strength magnets attach to ferrous metal surfaces
• Rechargeable battery is included, does not need to be replaced
• Five selectable Flash patterns including the S.O.S. International S-O-S Morse Code
• Includes 220 Volt Australian AC/DC wall charger, 12 Volt car charger, USB PC charger

Emergency safety flare that can be held in your hand or placed on the ground to identify road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, or direct traffic. Approved for use in personal vehicles and in the aviation, trucking, marine, and public safety markets.
Ideal for identifying relay exchange points, turnaround points, aid stations.

Applications of Eflare safety beacons in NSW


E-L-F LED-Flare Safety Beacons - Applications
- The fastest and easiest way to Be-Bright & Be-Seen & Be-Safe!

The variety of hazards and emergencies listed below are only a small number of situations when LED-Flares could be easily deployed to provide protection when you need it most.

The possible applications are only limited by your imagination!
Emergency Services
• Personal visual protection
• Location alert
• Traffic management
• Accident or hazardous scene alert
• Helicopter landing zone demarcation
• Industrial & OH&S
• Forklift area demarcation
• Unusual hazards
• Obstacle identification
• Roadside skip alert
• Cleaning & maintenance
Mining & Oil
• Hazardous area demarcation
• Directional markers
• Maintenance
• Vehicle breakdowns
Rail & Port
• Overhead crane alert
• Crane boom night light
• Hazardous area demarcation
• Maintenance
Trucking & Transport
• Breakdown
• Accident
• Location alert
• Vehicle loading & unloading Automotive
• Breakdown
• Accident
• Location alert
• Emergency landing strip
• Directional markers
• Location alert
• Landing zone demarcation
• Location alert
• Transport applications
• Emergency services
• Infrared applications
• Breakdown
• Man overboard
• Accident
• Location alert
• Livestock crossings
• Night harvesting
• Vehicle loading & unloading
• Location alert
• Location alert
• Accident

Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, Trips and Falls:

Slips, trips and falls account  for a significant portion of workplace accidents. The most common injury types as the result of  slips , trips or falls are usually to the back, ankles or wrists that can leave employees with long term issues, and in extreme cases effect their quality of life. In 2006/07 in Australia, approximately 20% of all serious workers compensation claims was the result of a slip, trip or fall type of incident .

Slips, Trips and Falls. Why Managers Should Care?
Legally, socially and morally as a manger it should be your highest priority to keep your employees safe. An employee that suffers a long term work related injury cannot only be demoralizing to a workplace,  the financial cost is estimated on average to be $5000 and 21 days off  for the employee. This compensation figure only covers a small percentage of the costs. It does not account for indirect costs, such as:
• The time to process and manage the injury
• Increased workloads for other staff to perform the injured person’s work
• Loss of expertise and necessary skills and additional training for replacement staff
• Decreased productivity
• The human aspect of pain and suffering.
Effective strategies to prevent slips, trips and falls are usually simple, inexpensive and lead to both immediate and long-term benefits, increased productivity and reduced compensation costs.

Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls

10 Steps to Prevention & Compliance of Slips, Trips & Falls in the Workplace
Although totally eradicating your workplace of slips, trips and falls may be a somewhat impossible task. The ten steps outlined below will definitely reduce the risk and place your workplace in a strong position to reduce these type of accidents.

1) Assess Your Slips Trips & Falls
As a manager or safety representative it is your duty to provide your employees with a workplace free from recognized slips, trips and fall hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Within your safety programs encompasses facility inspection and employee training elements. One of the best way to identify or assess hazards is to create internal audits and get employee's input as they do the job or task on a daily basis and are usually aware of some of the risks. If you feel this is beyond your safety experience hire an external professional to conduct a safety audit on your premises.

2) Mark Aisles & Passageways

Permanent aisles and passageways should and must be appropriately marked. Where mechanical handling equipment is used, sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made. Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repairs, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard. One of the most common causes of slips and trips is poor housekeeping.

3) Provide Traction on Slippery Surfaces

Although this point seems quite obvious it's amazing how often wet or slippery surfaces go unmarked. Providing a permanent solution such as tread coating or anti slip tape is often the best way to address the issue in the long term.

4) Improve Safety on Stairs

The nature of stairs make them a natural slip, trip and fall hazard. Add water or other slippery substances to a stair case or stair well and you literally may have an accident waiting to happen. Luckily enough stair safety can easily be improved using anti slip tapes, treads and stair nosings.
5) Mark Emergency Evacuation Routes

In addition to preventing slips, trips and falls in normal working conditions, it's essential to reduce these type of incidents in an emergency. By clearly marking exits and evacuation routes reduces the risk of falls in emergency conditions. Remember that your safety programs are not mutually exclusive. For example there is no reason why your Slips, Trips and Falls safety program should not work in tandem with your Fire Safety obligations and requirements.

6) Warn of Temporary Hazards

Use temporary replacement products to convey your message in an instant. clearly mark off hazardous areas with high visibility products that can be seen from a distance, preventing potential accidents in and around your facility.

7) Post Safety Signage & Labeling

Identify , comply and make your workplace safe and secure. whether it is restricting access to a particular area, alerting employees to potential hazards, or simply providing direction. - Health and safety signs play an important role in your facility.
8) Inspect Scaffolds & Ladders

Scaffold & Ladder equipment is naturally prone to accidents due to the elevated height in which we use the equipment. Both ladders and scaffold should be initially and periodically inspected.

9) Control & Clean Oil & Spills

In addition to water, oil like substances not only create a slip, trip hazard but can create additional fire hazards. Having spill kits on hand to control such a spill will assist employers in meeting their obligations to provide as far as practicable spill containment due to a leak of a stated dangerous good or combustible liquids. heavy penalties are imposed upon failure to meet these requirements.

10) Be Prepared for Emergencies
Being prepared for an emergency is your best way to reduce the severity of a workplace injury or illness. First Aid Kits for example can provide important temporary relief from a slip, trip or fall incident.

DISCLAIMER: All the information or advice on this page aims to be as accurate as we can reasonably make it. However, the information and advice is general and may not necessarily applicable to your specific business or workplace. If a topic relates to your business or workplace, you should make sure you do your own research on how applicable and relevant the information or advice is to your particular situation.

Emergency-LED-Flare E-L-F


Lone-Worker Safety&Security solution provider

Install & configure "best-of-breed IP security products" Mobotix, Remote-Guard. Secure-AWARE installs integrated IP-Solutions: Burglar-Alarms, Video-Alarms, Perimeter-Security, Intercoms, CCTV with VMS.*Certified Mobotix trained (see "NEWS" for more detail). IP Solutions designed & installed are state-of-the-art equipment such as Mobotix IP CCTV fish-eye hemispheric cameras that give 180-Degree views from just one IP-Camera. Secure-AWARE utilizes "THE CLOUD" to set up off-site remote-viewing options, which allows business owners to monitor multiple franchise outlets from their iPhone APP. The"CLOUD"allows home owners to keep a remote viewing eye on what's happening back at home. Back-to-Base control room monitoring is an add-on option with all IP-Solutions. We have SLA (Service-Level-Agreements) repair options for solutions bought.*Work-References are available from our clients. Installation done by NSW app SLED Licensed provider means video footage may be used as evidence in court.


Resellers of our E-L-F Safety beacon are required in various outlying coastal towns & inter-state regions of Australia!


URGENT: Resellers of all our Safety & security required in various outlying towns & Cities & inter-state regions of Australia!

Genuine reseller margins are around 35% mark up.

Various resellers required in various cities of Australia.

Give us a call to discuss a face to face greet & meet to get the show on the road: 0421-718-277 (Graham Russell)