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Anniversary update - placing Implants for 20 years 1999-2019


August 2019 sees Dental Implant Placements Perth principal Dr Jose' Nunes celebrate 20 years of placing implants

he began his implant journey in London UK and and has since placed thousands.


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August 2019 Price of Implants for WINTER special


The Month of August we are offering 2 X Dental Implants at $3100 each for non complex case

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What are the top 6 qualities of a Dental crown


The top 6 qualities of a Dental Crown

1: Colour is critical. light penetration into a dental crown is critical for a natural look. Beware of crowns that are solid in colour, this is unacceptable and especially in 2019 when Porcelain and zirconia are made in beautiful 3D finishes

2: The way a Dental Impression is carried out is critical to the final outcome and usually Fox plates alongside standard impressions are carried out. The use of digital technology alongside premium impressions are used as a double assurance

3.Natural 3D shape of the Tooth - Natural teeth are not flat and a 3D correctly manufactured replica tooth has indentations and not smooth and flat

4. Shade Guides used by any dentist for aesthetic crowns should use 3D colour swatches , the old fashioned 2D

shade guides are way to simple and will produce a tooth cap that appears solid and monolithic in colour.

5.Photography and videos are also used to portray shape of the DEntal crowns to shape of the lower lip

6: Whites of the eyes also a large factor in a common aesthetic marriage between face, chin to nose ratio.

Dr Jose' Nunes

Dental Implant Placements Perth

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July 2019