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What is Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki healing is an experience of unconditional love that takes us beyond rational scientific understanding and closer to the essence of who we are.

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that is performed on a massage table or whilst seated in a chair. The practitioner’s hands are held on or just above the body and healing energy is channelled to the recipient, healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki was discovered & developed by a Japanese monk in the late 1800’s and he treated hundreds of survivors of earthquakes at this time. Reiki is not attached to any particular religion and has been adopted by many hospitals and hospices around the world to complement medical procedures.

My Reiki Experience

 I first ‘discovered’ Reiki when I attended a small healing festival in Melbourne in 1991. During that first treatment, I felt a sensation of  warmth and tingling all over my body. Despite the fact that I was in a huge room with people bustling all around me, I was oblivious to it all and felt deeply relaxed and at peace. When I got up from the massage table, I  felt somewhat ‘spacey’ and different and needed to take a few moments to collect my thoughts.

Over the next three months, I reflected on how my life had changed as a result of that first treatment; I had found a new partner, moved interstate, started a new career and found my creativity but most importantly I developed a thirst to discover more about the mind/body/spirit connection and everything in my life seemed to fall magically into place.

Over the next 7 years, I learnt Reiki to Master/Teacher level and gave treatments all around the world, eventually establishing a free healing clinic for the homeless in the UK. Reiki gave hope and healing to the many hundreds of people who attended regularly.

What can Reiki do for you…

Reiki treatments complement medical treatments and promote a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. This helps to reduce stress and nervous tension, deactivates adrenal fatigue and boosts the immune system.

Reiki treatments are perfect for chronic fatigue, insomnia, muscular tension, chronic illness, anxiety, depression and everyday stress.

Reiki treatments are also  recommended at the end of Massage treatments and can be integrated into a hypnotherapy or counselling session as requested.

2000 Year Old Healing Tradition Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage has a very long history of over 2,500 years and its roots can be traced to Chinese medicine, Ayuveda and Yoga. It was originally taught and practiced in Buddhist temples known as Wats and given in the spirit of 'Loving Kindness', a Theravada Buddhist principle.
At Wat Po in Bangkok, massage is still practiced and taught at the Traditional Medical School at the ancient temple. Over 60 stone carvings on the temple wall depict medical texts and massage techniques.
Thai Massage is traditionally performed on a futon or padded floor mat with the recipient wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Thai Massage is steeped in the tradition of meditation. A good masseur enters a meditative state, working with mindfulness and awareness whilst working on the body's invisible energy or Sen lines. Energy points also known as acupressure points are pressed during the massage, balancing the body's flow of energy.
Yogic stretching is an important part of Thai Massage and in many parts of the world Thai Massage is also known as Yoga Massage. Thai massage is the perfect treatment to relieve the symptoms of stress and muscular tension and headaches and migraines. Acupressure massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, the yogic postures can increase mobility and the balancing of the body's energy flow creates a sense of inner calm.
Herbs can play an important part in a treatment and herbal steam packs can be used to complement the massage, stimulating pressure points and providing relief for muscular aches, headaches and sinus congestion. Research into the affects of Thai Massage on children with autism has also shown it to have a therapeutic affect on hyperactivity and anxiety. (Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

-Chrissy Ortner

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