Sydney Eleanor Hire - Interview


A special car for a special moment


Sydney Eleanor Hire is professional chauffeur driven wedding car hire company with the only three US built and imported 1967-1968 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang Eleanor's in Sydney. If needing car rental services for your upcoming wedding or another special event look no further than here. Sydney Eleanor Hire has over a 1,000 pictures on Facebook from Weddings, School Formals, Birthdays and Anniversaries they have done. They also have a very strong following on Social Media. They have just completely rebuilt their website to make it easier for  customers to book with them.


Cylex: What sort of cars are available at Sydney Eleanor Hire?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: We have three Shelby GT500 Eleanor's   and one Tesla Model X 90D

Cylex: How far in advance should someone book an event and what else do you require as a first step?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: Our cars are very popular so it's recommended to book sooner rather so if it's 6 months until you're even then you should consider booking right away. To book we require a 50% deposit of the agreed amount which is determined based upon your requirements for your booking.


Cylex: How long did it take you to buy all the cars you have available and from where did you get them?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: We bought our first car in 2012 but started looking in 2009 and it's been a game of patience ever since waiting for the right cars to buy. Our cars were built in the US and imported because we are offering a unique experience based upon the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds"


Cylex: What happens if a wedding cars breaks down on the way to or from the wedding? How do you assure its service?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: No dollar is spared in maintaining our cars so after 300-400 Weddings and 100-200 School Formals we have never had a car break down which is a credit to our mechanic Troy at Arthur and Troy's Auto Repairs.

Cylex: Do you have cars available for any other occasions other than weddings?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: Of course we also do School Formals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Photo Shoots and we are now doing Airport Transfers with our new Tesla Model X 90D

Cylex: What are the most wanted/ booked vehicles? Why is that you think?

Sydney Eleanor Hire: We are the only company in Australia and possibly even the world that has three Shelby GT500 Eleanor's for Hire so since everyone has seen the movie "Gone In 60 Seconds" they now have an opportunity to experience the car.


If you are looking to hire the legendary Shelby GT500 Eleanor’s for a Wedding, School Formal, Birthday or Anniversary then you have come to the right place. With a fleet of 8 x Shelby GT500 Eleanor’s to hire, you  can be ensure that on your special day, you will enjoy the most head turning and exhilarating rides.