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10 months ago

Business analysts know how to find the answers to questions and don’t wait for the answers to come to them. They find alternative paths through the organization and involve the right people at the right time. Good business analysts rarely get stopped for long and can often work through challenging situations to come through to a solution.


Cylex: What problem does business analysis solve?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: Business Analysis is a professional standard by which needs of an organisation are recognized, acted upon, solution designed and value delivered. The primary focuses include understanding and working with stakeholders affected, understanding value and context, impact of change and what is the optimal solution option given the problem or opportunity to be addressed.

Cylex: Why analyze a business area if the business experts already know what they want?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: Business Analysts are careful to be consider the enterprise as a whole and be objective about solution options and recommendations. Business Analysts are experts in elicitation, analysis and design of required solutions. Subject Matter experts while an extremely valuable asset to any organisation often have a myopic view of an enterprise, specifically for the area that they are experts in and not necessarily experts in analysis and design definition for anything outside of their area of expertise.


Cylex: What do business analysts do?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: This is a great question not only do business analysts solve problems but can be seen equally as a provider of opportunities where solutions are required to meet a business need. Through the design and development of both requirements and solution design using a variety of elicitation and modelling techniques business analyst can lay claim to improving efficiencies, profit margins, revenue streams and new product and services that are of value for any organisation to be successful.

Cylex: What is a Scrum Certification?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) professionals have a practical, working knowledge of Scrum that equips them to guide and implement Scrum projects in a Scrum environment. The purpose of the exam is to confirm that applicants have achieved sufficient understanding of how the apply Scrum framework and practices to projects and to tailor Scrum in a particular scenario.

Cylex: Do you provide reference material to study for the exam?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: Yes, I provide plenty of reference materials including application preparation simulation, a knowledge area x task x technique tool that allows for a better understanding of where tasks and techniques intersect. Videos, flashcards, quizzes and exam simulations.

Cylex: Are there other services that Slide21 offers?

SLIDE21™ Pty Ltd: SLIDE21™ provides that include deployment, assessment and evaluation of the Strength Deployment Inventory including classroom coaching and mentoring. TotalSDI identifies intrinsic motives with eight in-depth assessments that target the priorities and values impacting behavior. TotalSDI's interactive design creates a powerful learning environment for leaders and teams, as the learner's own words and insights fuel the classroom dynamic while you guide the discussion and draw out performance-enhancing practices that stick.


And more than all of this, good business analysts have a strong eye for scope. While it can be fun to figure out what we might pack if everything but the kitchen sink fits into the car, good business analysts realize that implementation constraints nearly always get in the way of achieving the full vision the first time out. And so they keep a close eye on value and feasibility and guide their stakeholders toward a set of requirements that can actually get implemented.