Hello Lovers Ausrtalia - Interview


Timeless weddings

9 months ago

Weddings may be timeless but trends play a major role in how they look and feel. So what’s hot in the world of weddings and jewellery this year? For many couples, perhaps the trickiest aspect of tying the knot is creating a celebration that both speaks to the uniqueness of the union and adheres to a traditional wedding format. It reflects a desire to be the same as everyone else…but different. This is where themes come into play, allowing couples to express themselves through a vintage vibe, classic ambience, bohemian feel or emphasis on particular colours while maintaining the usual wedding framework characterised by a stroll down the aisle with Dad, a first dance to something slow and melodic and cutting the three-tiered cake.


Cylex: What jewellery can be found at Hello Lovers?

Hello Lovers Australia: Hello Lovers Australia bridal jewellery focuses on uniquely Australian inspirations and classic styling with a twist. Each collection offers complimentary styles that can be effortlessly mixed and matched to create your own personalised bridal style, releasing inner bridal beauty with our small world philosophy that is .

Cylex: Are they typical for Australia? What is characteristic for Australian brides?

Hello Lovers Australia: Our Australian brides are traditionally relaxed and more carefree on their wedding day. Who wants their wedding jewellery to be remarked on for being different to the usual jewellery brides wear. By the way, who doesn't love versatile jewellery that can be worn again.

                        Luxe-Melbourne-wedding-tiara-540x730.jpg Eden-bridal-earrings-1-540x730.jpg

Cylex: What is the philosophy of the designer of these jewellery?

Hello Lovers Australia: My philosophy is to design stylish and ethical wedding jewellery that brides will love to wear!.

Cylex: What are the characteristics of bohemian wedding dresses?

Hello Lovers Australia: A bohemian wedding dress is a relaxed dress without the fuss of a traditional gown. Perfect for international weddings as the Hello Lovers wedding dresses love to travel. Our dresses are all made of soft stretch lace with a stretch satin fabric underneath this makes the dress easier to fit and more comfortable to wear.

Cylex: To what clientele do you address?

Hello Lovers Australia: Our bride would be the girl who is a low fuss bride, she is getting married on a beach, garden or even her own backyard.

Cylex: What does 2018 look like when it comes to wedding styles and approaches? Hello Lovers Australia: 2018 is so far away, I believe with jewellery it will be a return to the sparkle era with big bold statement crystals taking centre stage and as always the marquise cut stone will feature highly in most earrings styles. Rose gold bridal jewellery will start to become more mainstream.


Of course, popular nuptial themes reflect a complex mix of trends in lifestyle, fashion, art, celebrity culture and technology, and when it comes to jewellery they play out in an ever-changing preference for different styles, metals and gemstones.